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When you open Google Chrome, you will be directed to the Google search box page by default. Nevertheless, you have the option to modify it for another website or personalize it whenever you prefer. Additionally, you can also alter your new tab page to display a specific website each time you open a new tab. To learn how to set homepage in chrome, follow these steps.

If your computer displays a homepage or startup page that you didn't set, your computer may have been infected with malware. Discover how to prevent unwanted changes to Google Chrome. In the case that you're using a Chromebook in a workplace or educational setting, your network administrator may select your startup page(s) or homepage on your behalf, preventing you from altering them.

Steps that can always help

By default, Google Chrome doesn't feature a conventional homepage. Instead, the browser displays a new tab page on startup without a home button next to the address bar. Nevertheless, Google provides users with the ability to select the pages that open when they launch the browser. 

Furthermore, Google offers a feature that allows users to activate the absent home button and designate their preferred homepage. If you want to streamline your navigation or have immediate access to your desired homepage upon opening Google Chrome, follow these steps to customize your browser.

  • To begin customizing your homepage in Google Chrome, click the Chrome menu button in the top-right of your computer's browser and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. Look for the "Appearance" option in the Settings menu, and locate the checkbox "Show Home Button" beneath it. If the checkbox is selected, the web address of your current homepage will be displayed.
  • To change the web address of your homepage, click on the "Change" button and edit the URL to the desired webpage.
  • Google Chrome's Settings also offer an alternative option to customize your startup pages. Begin by navigating to the "Startup pages" section under "On startup" in the Settings menu. 
  • Select the third option labeled "Open a specific page or set of pages", and click on the "Set pages" link adjacent to it.
  • Enter the URL of the webpage you wish to open upon launching Google Chrome in the "Startup pages" fields, and then click "OK" to save your changes.

Ending note

Once you have completed these steps, you will notice a home button located on the left-hand side of the address bar at the top of your Google Chrome browser. By clicking on this home button, you will be redirected to the webpage that you have designated as your homepage. It is not difficult to set a homepage in Google Chrome. You can access the browser's settings, find the "Appearance" section, and select the "Show Home Button" checkbox. Follow this process and get the quick results.

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