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American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bridget Rooney is the granddaughter of the late great NFL owner Art Rooney Sr. She is well-known for her humanitarian activities in education and healthcare and her success in the hotel and gambling industries.

Check Out what she has done during her early Years and Schooling

Bridget Rooney's parents, Timothy and Patricia, gave birth to her on September 2, 1956, in Pittsburgh. She was the sixth of seven children, and she and her family spent their formative years in and around Pittsburgh. Her grandfather, Art Rooney Sr., established the Pittsburgh Steelers and was a prominent local entrepreneur.

At the University of Pittsburgh, Rooney studied to become a nurse. After finishing college, she worked as a nurse but ultimately went into business.

Hospitality and gaming careers

Bridget Rooney began working in the family firm, which had holdings in the casino and hospitality industries, in the 1980s. She soon rose through the corporation's ranks, where her nursing experience proved invaluable in creating new healthcare programs.

Rooney was also instrumental in opening Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh in 2009. Working with the casino, she spearheaded several community outreach and responsible gambling programs.

Philanthropic Efforts

Bridget Rooney has been quite charitable throughout her career. The Pittsburgh-based healthcare firm Highmark and the Pittsburgh Promise, which awards college scholarships to local youngsters, have benefited from her involvement.

Rooney has also contributed to the United Way of Allegheny County, where she has been on the board and worked to create several initiatives to foster young children's growth and learning.

Rooney founded her own foundation, the Rooney Family Foundation, which gives money to groups working in education, healthcare, and the arts.

Private Matters

After their marriage in 1983, Bridget Rooney and John Hanley raised four children. Her favourite things to do in her spare time include reading, exploring new places, and being with her loved ones.

Rooney is also a die-hard fan of her grandfather's Football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is a dedicated fan and longtime participant in the team's humanitarian endeavours.


Bridget Rooney is well-known in business for her contributions to the hotel and gaming industries and her humanitarian activities supporting healthcare and education. Her tireless efforts to better her hometown of Pittsburgh and help people in need have earned her widespread acclaim.

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