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Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing?

1. Customer
These are the participants in the system that make it work. It’s clear that without sales, affiliate marketing will simply stop. No one earns - it means that such a promotion does not make sense.
The partner brings the idea to the client to buy brand products through various channels:
contextual advertising on Google;
targeted advertising on Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram;
Integrated YouTube commercials
recommendations on a blog or video blog;
promotion through famous personalities and opinion leaders.
Strong partners, in fact, use a lot more ways. And far from always, the client himself realizes that he is part of an affiliate Content System. Many partners carefully hide that they receive commissions from brands and product creators.
Is it bad?
More likely no than yes. But only in cases where the client either wins (as is the case with the cashback service), or simply does not lose anything. If a partner makes their mark-up on a brand product and greatly overestimates the cost to the end user, sooner or later his reputation will be badly damaged.
The advantage is that many individual product creators and major brands already include affiliate deductions in the retail value of the goods. This means that the partner has a fixed price, from which it is better not to deviate. Due to this, the cost of one and the same product in the entire market is approximately the same, and all trading floors can compete with each other.
2. Affiliate Network
This is a service that brings together product creators and partners. Moreover, networks allow these parties not to contact each other at all.
How is the process going for the creator of the product:
It is registered in the affiliate network.
Loads goods that he intends to sell through partners.
Indicates the percentage of commission.
Creates an affiliate program.
Partners sell products through links and receive commissions.
How is the process going for the partner:
It is registered in the affiliate network as a partner.
Chooses an affiliate program by topic, percentage of commission, conditions.
It is registered in the affiliate program, receives links.
Distributes affiliate links among customers.
Receives a commission for products sold.
Everyone remains in the black. The main advantage of using an affiliate network is guarantees. Partners are sure that they will receive their commissions and will not be deceived.
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