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How many beers do you think there are in a keg? How much does a full keg weigh? Stop looking. Here are the six main keg sizes and how much beer they hold.

Because beer keg weight and knowing how many beers are in a keg based on weight are important for tracking beer kegs and pricing beer: knowing how many kegs to order and predicting when kegs will run out."How heavy is a keg of beer?" you can order and keep track of your stock much better.

So, enjoy this article about the different kinds of kegs since you need kegs to pour beer, and they are fun. Even articles about kegs should be interesting to read. This information is outside the typical guide for bartenders.

Full Keg AKA Half Keg

This is the keg you have in mind. It's the kind you see being carried into bars and dragged upstairs to house parties. It's a big part of U.S. beer culture in general. The standard size in the U.S. is the full keg, also called a half barrel keg, a half keg, or a full-size keg. The standard size of a spirits bottle is the same as a fifth of alcohol. You don't have to go to school to learn about these.

How much does a full keg weigh?

A half-barrel keg weighs 160 pounds when it is full and 30 pounds when it is empty. That means that a full half-barrel keg of beer holds 130 pounds of beer.

How Many Beers Are There in a Half Keg?

A full half keg, also called a half barrel keg, can hold 124 16-ounce pints or 165 12-ounce cans or bottles. Try selling more if you run out of beer in your half-keg.

50 Litre Keg

A keg that holds 50 litres of liquid is also called an imported keg or a European barrel. It's the most common size of beer keg in Europe, and most popular imported brands use this size.

How Much Does a 50L Keg Weigh?

A 50-liter keg weighs 130 pounds when it is full and 27 pounds when it is empty. That means that a 50-liter keg of beer holds 103 pounds of beer. Only the total weight of the beer is useful to know when taking stock of your keg.

How Many Beers Does a 50-Litre Keg Hold?

A full 50-liter keg of beer is equal to about 105 16-ounce pints or 140 12-ounce cans or bottles.

Quarter-Barrel Keg, also called Pony Keg.

The quarter barrel keg is also known as the pony keg or the stubby quarter. Stubby because there is another keg with the same space as the quarter barrel. This keg is called the slim quarter keg or the tall quarter. The slim quarter keg is more than 10 inches taller and 5 inches thinner than the standard quarter barrel keg.

The numbers listed below for the quarter barrel keg also apply to the slim quarter keg.

What does a quarter barrel keg weigh?

A quarter barrel keg weighs 87 pounds when it is full and 22 pounds when it is empty. That means a full quarter barrel keg of beer holds 65 pounds.

How Much Beer Is There in a Quarter Keg?

A quarter barrel keg has enough beer for 62 16-ounce pints or 82 12-ounce cans or bottles.


In general, the answer is yes for bars and restaurants. Kegs will save money and space, making it much easier to keep track of inventory in the long run. If you're having a party, it's usually worth it for an individual to buy a keg. Kegs can also be useful if you have a regular beer setup at home. Getting a keg is a great idea if you know what kind of beer you like and always want to have it cold and fresh on hand.

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