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Top Content Management Systems for an Online Store?

Infrastructure development.
There are modules for expanding the functionality, there are theme templates. But there are many more free WordPress templates and themes.The functionality of the CMS system Joomla
In general, the engine is quite complex, not every programmer wants to work with it. But in principle, if necessary, the developers and communities themselves will help.
Installation, configuration and administration.
Without certain technical skills, make a website on Joomla! most likely it will not work, although everything seems to be simple there. It's just that if you don't have enough experience, then it's better to let the professionals do this work.
To create an online store, the CMS system Joomla! offers ready-made e-commerce modules (both paid and free) like VirtueMart, Eshop, J2Store. We'll have to adapt the site to the Russian Internet, add modules for making payments and set up delivery.
SEO friendly.
On Joomla! there are ready-made tools and SEO extensions to ensure a good level of SEO-friendliness. For example, the multifunctional SEO Boss module (free).
Accounting CMS-system for the Drupal online store
An excellent CMS system for an online store that allows you to build fairly large projects and best for marketing puposes.
How popular.
It occupies the third step on the podium among products of this type. As for the commercial module Drupal Commerce, in the list of open source systems, it is recognized as one of the highest quality.
The criterion for "payment".
Free CMS (open source).
Infrastructure development.
The official directory has enough both paid and free modules to provide the site with good functionality. Theme templates are also available, but you will need to customize if you want to use them commercially. 
If you have any questions, you can contact the Russian-speaking Drupal community, there will be competent developers or tech-savvy site owners who will help.
Installation, configuration and administration.
Here you cannot do without specialists, so entrust them with the installation and configuration of Drupal. Moreover, the commercial module Drupal Commerce needs to be specially adapted to runet, or to search and install another, suitable one. But anyone can perform the functions of an administrator with only a minimal set of knowledge.
CMS systems for an online store: TOP-5 to choose from
How to increase in-store conversions
Controlling business processes will help prevent income sinking
More details
The e-commerce module Drupal Commerce allows you to create an excellent functional store, where there will be an extensive catalog of goods and their division according to specified characteristics. There are ready-made modules for implementing micro-markup, wishlists, user ratings and other options.
SEO friendly.
Drupal works with canonical URLs and CNC. You can configure the creation and auto-update of the sitemap, filling in the page metadata, caching (which allows the pages to load faster).
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