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How to Watch Attack on titan dubbed episode for free?

The dubbed (and/or subtitled) versions of anime programmes are available on a wide variety of platforms. First, I have a problem with the word "free." Nothing through a network or cable is free. Cost of streaming, whether or not a bundle is packed. It still costs data to watch it on your preferred app (such as Adult Swim), as well as on some subscription-based apps.
With that said and in mind, I can provide a couple resources that will broadcast Attack on Titan episodes in dub for all three seasons.
  1. Hulu - great subscription service that has all 3 seasons in play right now.
  2. Funimation - great app to get. They have all seasons that you can enjoy.
  3. Crunchyroll - this app only has the subbed episodes. Although I had heard that they might invest in English dub in the future.
  4. Adult Swim - the network station (check your local listings) has the 3rd season currently in rotation at 3:00am Sunday mornings (Eastern Standard Time).
  5. Ackermanot- Here you can easily watch all episode in your native language for free online.

Whether you subscribe your service or use the app, Attack on Titan can be found and binge worthy watched for your enjoyment.

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